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  • And since brucellosis increases the activity of the entire immune system, the tonsils react to the introduction of Brucella especially intensively.
  • Angina with brucellosis is characterized by the development of a non-purulent inflammatory process, which is manifested by perspiration and sore throat, aggravated during speech and swallowing.

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This term refers to a lesion of the spinal cord that occurs when Brucella enters it with a blood stream. Clinically, this is manifested by a violation of sensitivity in the upper or lower extremities. Patients complain of numbness, paresthesia (sense of crawling), tingling or burning in various parts of the body.

           Clinically, plexitis is also manifested by a violation of sensitivity or motor activity in the affected area. Intercostal neuralgia. It is characterized by recurrent pains of a dull, aching or burning nature in one or several intercostal spaces at once. The cause of pain is damage to the intercostal nerves by an inflammatory process. The pain usually increases during inhalation, which can cause severe breathing problems.

  1. With brucellosis, plexitis of the cervical plexus (innervates the muscles and skin of the neck), brachial plexus (innervates the upper limb), and lumbosacral plexus (innervates the lower limb) can develop.
  2. Inflammation of the testicle, manifested by severe stabbing or aching pains that can radiate (give) to the groin, perineum, lower abdomen or lower back. On examination, the affected testicle is enlarged, sharply painful on palpation (palpation). With severe edema, natural folds in the scrotum can be smoothed out, it becomes smooth, hyperemic (red), warmer (compared to non-inflamed areas).

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